Model : GC


Material : PE、(Nail) Medium Carbon Steel
Color : Mostly grey and white, other colors are also available upon request

庫存單位 GC 分類 , 產品特性:

Part.Nocable rangeW(mm)H(mm)H1(mm)Nails(mm)
GC-0.351 pair of wires3.55.93.7ø2.0×15
GC-0.41 pair of wires46.64.2ø2.5×18
GC-0.53C2V antenna; 5 pair of wires57.65.3ø2.5×18
GC-15C2V antenna; 10 pair of wires696.6ø2.5×20
GC-1.510 pair of wires7117.2ø2.5×22
GC-23C 1.25m/m2 wires811.58.6ø2.5×22
GC-2.520 pair of wires9129ø2.5×25
GC-33C 3.5m/m2 wires; 3C 2m/m2 wires; 20 pair of wires1013.410.5ø2.5×27
GC-3.53C 3.5m/m2 wire; 2C 5.5m/m2 wire1116.612.2ø2.5×27
GC-42C/3C/4C 5.5m/m2 wire121612.5ø2.5×27
GC-63C 8m/m2 wire1420.515.6ø3.0×35
GC-73C 14m/m2 wire; 3 pipe; 3/8″ pvc pipe1621.717ø3.2×38
GC-7.23C 14m/m² wire; 3 pipe; 3/8″ PVC pipe182217.5ø3.2×38
GC-7.53C 14m/m2wire2023.518.5ø3.2×38
GC-83C 22m/m2 wire; 4 pipe; 1/2″ PVC pipe2227.822.5ø3.2×42
GC-93C 38m/m2 wire; 6 pipe; 3/4″ PVC pipe2531.626ø3.2×47
GC-101 inch pipe; 1″ PVC pipe324033.5ø3.6×56


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